Gutters need to be cleaned at least twice a year. The first time, during the fall season when all of the levels have started to fall, this is because the fallen leaves could clog up your gutters. And another good time to get your gutters cleaned is during the spring when heavier rains start to fall. You will need your gutters completely cleaned during those two seasons since those are when gutters are most likely dirty. And those are the times of the year when there is also a lot of heavy rainfall.


However, if you have got pine trees and other conifer plants around your property, then you may want to clean your gutters out even more often. This is because the pine leaves and even pine cones can cause obstructions in your gutters. So you may want to get those gutters looked at and cleaned about every three months at the very least. That would prevent the debris and leaves from the pine trees from piling up.

If you need to have your gutters cleaned, then it should be done by a professional gutter cleaning company. That way you would get a complete and proper cleaning of all of your gutters regularly. This is because they would do a better job of cleaning it and you can also get a better price for having your gutters regularly cleaned as well. Instead of cleaning your house’s gutters by yourself, you may want to hire someone else to do it.